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The Future of Retail

Image of person using Point of Sale system

The future of retail starts in your store. No matter what is happening outside your store, if you’re not properly tracking inventory, forecasting sales, and analyzing your current data, you’re going to struggle to keep up with your business before you even adapt the latest trends. And although we may call it the Future of Retail, the reality is that many forward thinking retailers are already employing this technology. When you think of your future you need to think of today and tomorrow and how technology can help you as you make your way from your present point to your future vision.

So what is this future and how have some retailers already achieved it?

The future is an end-to-end system. Those retailers who have already implemented one in their store have done so because they see their business as a whole, not as a series of parts. They’re never looking for just the next point-of-sale system, they’re looking for how that point-of-sale system is going to help make their customer more loyal, how it is going to help their inventory problems, and how their users in stores will be able to adapt to the change.

What exactly is an end-to-end system?

An end-to-end system is an ERP system that is embedded with your POS. It allows your business to track inventory, report financials, and more on a real-time basis. Those in your back office can see what is happening at the store level, product level, and how things are faring for the company as a whole.

An end-to-end system is not simply connecting your Quickbooks and your POS. It means that your two systems work in tandem so that you can make smarter business decisions. Think of never having to call to see if you’re stocked out, automating real-time inventory replenishment orders, tracking invoices from vendors, the possibilities are endless with an end-to-end solution. Plus end-to-end solutions allow you to integrate eCommerce, customer loyalty programs and so much more.

Becoming a future retailer

Investing in an end-to-end solution is just that, an investment. But visionary, future looking retailers see the benefits as they are searching for how they can blow their competition out of the water. They embrace their data and focus on improving their processes. As your company looks for their next point of sale system, it is key to look at your processes as a whole and see how now may be the right time to look at gaining a system that doesn’t just improve your point of sale, but your business as a whole.

Life without an end-to-end system can cause problems for your business. Is your business ready to join the future? Contact us today.