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Does Your Store Have a Café or Restaurant? Use one System to Manage Both!

Cafe with people inside a retail store

More stores are combating slowing traffic by adding cafés and restaurants. To learn about the advantages of adding a restaurant to your store, check out our earlier blog post, How to Get Shoppers Into Your Store: Feed Them! (But be sure to come back to this one when you’ve decided it’s the right choice for your store!)

For those of you who already have a restaurant or café inside your store, or those who are about to embark on the journey, there is great news: You don’t have to worry about having two separate systems to manage your two business lines. With LS Nav, you can have your business (all of it) in the same system, which allows you to track inventory, use the same a POS system, and integrate with your ecommerce business.

There are major advantages to this setup:

  • See how a store is doing as a whole without tying data in from two different systems. From sweater inventory levels to how much chicken needs to be purchased, store managers can have a comprehensive look at all operations. Also, are sales up as a store as a whole, or is a lack of food sales leading to a decline in revenue? Dive deep into the numbers needed to drive actionable insight at each store.
  • Loyalty programs seamlessly transfer between the store and restaurant. Since the same system is being used, customers’ loyalty points are ready to assist no matter where they choose to engage with you. You can assign different points for different purchases and give customers more incentive to shop and eat in your store.
  • Run reports easier. With store transactions and food transactions under one roof, you can easily run reports to help you determine everything from ROI to best product lines and more. Make your back office life easier by assigning permissions within LS Nav to make sure that everyone has the correct reports available to them.
  • With only one system, you reduce training requirements and upkeep on multiple software applications.

Restaurants inside retail establishments are already a smart investment; take your investment one step forward using LS Nav—a single system ready to take on your multi-business goals and needs.

To learn more about LS Nav, contact the Retail experts at ArcherPoint.