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Just Because Someone Abandoned Their Shopping Cart Doesn’t Mean You Need to Abandon Them

Image of shopping cart loaded with gold bars - Prevent cart abandonment with remarketing

Hopefully you have your analytics in place on your website, allowing you to monitor what is happening on your various web pages. Are you having an issue with people filling up their shopping carts, but not actually following through with the sale? They could possibly just need a little motivation to help them convert. You can help do this through remarketing.

If you are using Google or Bing PPC (pay-per-click), you can use remarketing to target specific lists of people—you can set up the list to contain people who visited specific pages, those who didn’t hit a page—the options are virtually endless. Say you want to target those who are adding the ceramic blue mug to their shopping cart, but then not buying it. You can then create a remarketing list with these specific people, create an ad saying something such as, “The blue mug is waiting for you to fill it up with coffee! Continue shopping…” or whatever you may think will intrigue the person to click the ad and continue with their purchase.

There’s a bunch of great reasons why remarketing works so well. One, you know this person is already interested in your business and in your product. You aren’t serving up ads randomly. Also, you can create highly targeted ads. These ads will resonate with the person browsing instead of just a random ad they may not care about. However, be careful: It can come off as creepy to some people if the ad is served up too much. Make sure you set limits to how many times someone can be exposed to an ad and how long they are kept on the list.

Interested in making remarketing a part of your strategy? The top two players for remarketing are Google and AdRoll. They each have different pricing, strategy, and placement options:

Google – If you already have a PPC account that you manage with them, it’s one less browser you have to visit. These ads will be displayed on the various websites that Google has sponsorships with.

AdRoll – Because it is separate from your PPC strategy, it allows you to have your ads displayed on social media, websites, and Google sites. If you’re looking for a broad strategy, AdRoll may be the better option for you.

You can also use tools available on Facebook to use remarketing there as well. It’s best to research each tool and use the one that best fits your business strategy. Each tool has its pros and cons, but as long as they help drive your objectives (and hopefully more conversions), they will help your business!

Are you using remarketing? Tell me about what you do in the Comments section.