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Choosing Technology: Remember…For Customers, It’s About Speed and Convenience

Image of touchscreen POS

Meeting consumer expectations is not easy for retailers today. Consumers are smart and demanding and have lots of options, so you have to be on your toes. They want every option for buying online, in-store, from a catalog, and in every combination, they want shipping from everywhere to anywhere—and they’ll want it yesterday (you laugh, but they’ll start wanting it), they want the ability to return, exchange, special order, and they want to be rewarded handsomely and consistently for shopping with you. Most of all, they want to be treated well. If not, they’ll go somewhere else in what my sister, who lives in North Carolina, calls “a skinny minute.” (I’m pretty sure that means
“in no time flat,” but I think it’s a lot more fun to say.)

Meeting all these needs, from a technology standpoint, means that retailers need to be on the ball in the following areas:

  • Selling across multiple channels
  • Working with third-party logistics vendors
  • Providing consistent, fast, personalized customer service

There are technology solutions on the market that address various aspects of these requirements—mobility, eCommerce, reporting/data analysis, loyalty, POS, and ERP (financials, etc.) and so on. But any company that has ever tried using several different solutions will tell you that you get nowhere fast. You get duplication of effort, silos of information, errors, and ultimately, unhappy customers.

Retailers looking for technology to help them in these areas need to reach out to solution providers who understand the importance of a collaborative approach to technology so that the organization can function as a cohesive unit from the back office to the Point of Sale and beyond. With true integration, a better customer experience is a reality—with consumer and supplier portals, loyalty programs that resonate, mobile solutions that capture and keep customers coming back, dynamic web stores, and so on (and we’re not even talking about what it’s doing for the back office). 

If you’re looking at technology to help your retail organization deliver a truly extraordinary customer experience time after time, talk to the experts at ArcherPoint about the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail. Contact ArcherPoint today!