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Choosing an eCommerce Solution that Fits Your Business

Shopping cart coming out of computer screen

You are noticing that more and more of your customers are finding you online. You’re ecstatic…only to realize you don’t have an eCommerce solution in place to help turn those customers into paying customers. You begin your search to find the best eCommerce solution for your business.


Before you start thinking of your next buy, think of your current point of sale along with your inventory management system. Would you like everything fully integrated? You can think of this from two perspectives: an up-front cost vs a long-term cost. Up front the investment is definitely going to be larger, but over time you will save resources and any technology issues that come up. When investing in an eCommerce shop, you need to think how this system can sustain you in the long term.

By being able to integrate with your back office system, your customers and sales representatives can order directly online, any time of the day, through a real time connection—no more worrying that you’ll oversell or under deliver.

Make sure to take an inventory of everything you need the system to connect to. Think of your ideal world here—there may not be a product on the market to meet your every wish, but you should be able to find one that comes close.

If you’re thinking of going the generic route, realize you may run into complications in this area. Make sure to fully understand the data interchange between you and your provider and make sure that it allows your customers and you the ease to buy and sell products online that reflects your business.


Again, you want the solution to fit your business. There are many generic options out there that will allow you to have a beautiful interface; just make sure that interface represents your brand.

If you’re leaning towards a custom solution, you’ll want an interface that can help support high volume, minimize performance issues, and give your customers 24/7 access to your store. You’ll also want to be able to make sure that you can customize it to reflect your in-store experience and make sure that it’s easy for your customers to buy your products. You don’t want to have too many obstacles from the moment your customer clicks to the moment the product is shipped.

Plus, you’ll want something that’s easy to edit. If you have a new product, an item just went on sale, or a description needs to be changed, you want those features to be accessible to you at all times!

Ready to go

Your customers are already lining up at your website, so you’ll want a solution that’s ready to go. Look for solutions that can become operational in days so that you don’t have a delay. You’ll want to find a partner that is knowledgeable enough to help you implement the solution and support you as you take your business online.

Plus more

Whatever else your business needs, you want to find a solution that fits those needs. Write down a list of requirements to make sure the solution is hitting every checkpoint. Whether you have multiple stores or use multiple languages, it’s key to know these beforehand rather than after you’ve already made a purchase.

And, hey, while you’re looking—we’re here to help! Contact ArcherPoint with any questions you may have about eCommerce solutions.