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Can we tlak talk? Are Grammar and Punctuation Errors Hurting Your Business?

Suzi Shopper: Thoughts on business from a consumer’s perspective

I knw [email protected] we r livN n the age of the ultim8 shrth&, but plz…can we get our grmr str8???

Seriously, I know it’s become more acceptable to write in “text”—and marketing writing has always taken some liberties—but I am appalled at the terrible grammar and punctuation I find in so many blogs, publications, advertising, and collateral these days, regardless of industry or audience. Doesn’t anyone have mechanisms in place for proofreading their work anymore? Doesn’t anyone remember basic English from school?

For example: The advertisement below is grammatically correct, encouraging me to try the “All New” Cooler Tempur-Pedic mattress. However…do the fine folks who created it realize that, by putting “all new” in quotes, they’re actually telling people that the mattress is not really all new? SO…it’s not really cooler either, is it? I think I’ll pass.

Quotes around words in headlines imply the opposite meaning

What do you think when you see “your” when it should say “you’re”?  There (their, they’re) is another commonly misused word.  No matter how great the rest of your content is, misspelling and grammar mistakes like these will cause your credibility to take a hit. In fact, I know some people who will absolutely NOT do business with a company that commits this sin. Why? Because, if they’re sloppy with their writing, what does that say about their services or products?

Does your company have a process for ensuring that your customer facing content is delivered without errors in grammar and punctuation?

Author: Suzanne Scanlan, Marketing Manager at ArcherPoint