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Automate Inventory Replenishment for Stores and Warehouses with LS Nav

Woman shopping for a sweater

Your west coast store manager called and said they’re out of the new sweater, and the warehouse located near them is also out. Now you could go in a frenzy having to pull reports and figure out how much you should restock, when the order will get there, how much it will cost to ship, and on and on and on. Are your stress levels already rising? Mine are…

Until I breathe out and remember there’s an easier way. Yes that’s right, no more frantic phone calls. That's because of automatic replenishment based on forecasting.

LS Nav allows you to automate basic replenishment tasks based on five methods for calculating reorder quantities for both your store and/or warehouse. Through the replenishment module, both your stores and warehouses will have a higher level of item availability, reducing those urgent stock-out calls.

Plus, LS Nav has multiple classes of forecasting methods on which it bases its automatic replenishment. So if there is a holiday or annual event coming up, LS Nav can calculate safety stock levels to achieve the best possible inventory levels.

Simplify your distribution planning, lower item stock cost, and achieve the perfect balance. Dream world come true.

So now when your west coast store manager calls to warn you of a big influx due to seasonality, you can say that LS Nav has already run a forecast based on previous history and has taken care of automatic replenishment for both the store and their closest warehouse. Plus it’s all real-time inventory, which makes it even easier for the system (and you) to track what is happening across multiple stores.

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Need more expert inventory advice, or interested in LS Nav? Let’s talk!