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Are You Where Your Customers Are? Thoughts from a Millennial Shopper

Image of woman holding shopping bags and mobile phone

Have you ever heard of the app Wanelo? How about Rent the Runway or Haute Look? As a Millennial, that’s where you’ll find me and my friends shopping. Of course, we do still go in stores and to stores’ websites, but there are many other places I’m searching.

If Millennials are your market, these apps and websites allow your products to reach a wider audience. Yes, you are competing with other brands for the spotlight, but if you’re not there, you’re missing out. Plus, the important thing to know is that the eventual sale gets credited back to your website or goes back to your bottom line.

It’s hard to know what site or app will be released next, but regardless of your market, if you’re not on top of trends—in this instance, Wanelo, et al, or if you don’t allow your consumer to easily pin, share, heart, or whatever they want to do with your product—you’re missing out. In the case of Millennials like me, you’re missing out on a free endorsement. These sites truly allow people to shop together and help promote your product. Free, honest advertising from actual customers—you can’t beat that!

As we all know, the shopping experience is changing. I love to browse these sites and more—they are an extension of social media. As much time as I spend scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, I also spend on these sites, actively choosing to look at your products. As the advertising world becomes more saturated, take advantage of the opportunities where people want you to advertise to them.

Not only that, but many sites have now taken to having you ‘like’ them on Facebook to even look at their product and shop around. For example:

Screenshot of sign-in page for Wanelo

Screenshot of sign-in page for The Clymb

The initial hurdle might be a bit frustrating to overcome, but once you do, you can then build a large base that of “likes,” and their friends will want to like you, too. These sites run social media and email marketing campaigns to sustain them. Imagine how many emails/leads you would have if everyone was required to submit an email address? The Clymb and Tobi are two sites that do a great job at this. They connect to millennials everywhere they are because, let’s be honest, if they’re like me, they’re checking their email more than they’re watching TV or reading a magazine.

This Millennial experience is just one example of connecting to one market. However, as a retailer, are you sure you’re connecting with your clients everywhere they are? Let ArcherPoint work with you to build a retail solution that will make that connection. Contact us today.