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Are You Using Retail Sales Software To Encourage Customer Loyalty?

Image of a woman shopping in the grocery store

The last time you made a purchase at a retail location, did the cashier just ring you up and send you on your way, or did the store’s retail sales software prompt the cashier to ask you for additional information? When stores don’t take the time to ask for customer information, they waste a great opportunity to build customer loyalty and repeat business. That’s just one of three big ways that mid-market retailers miss out by not using technology to build customer relationships. 

  • Mistake #1: Not making an effort to learn about customers. If you don’t have ways to track customer purchases and behaviors, it’s nearly impossible to market to your key demographics and reward loyal customers. But if you start using retail sales software to gather and analyze information such as phone numbers, zip codes and email addresses, you’re much better prepared to market back to people and track them. 

    Many companies now use loyalty points and rewards systems to encourage repeat business. But before you’re able to offer special discounts or coupons, you need to know who your customers are, and how to reach them. 

  • Mistake #2: Poor presentation at the point of sale: If cashiers ask customers for their phone number or email address, but don’t explain why they want this information, people are more likely turn you down. A successful request for customer data is all about proper presentation. When cashiers offer an explanation or incentive for the request, it encourages people to sign up. Having printed material about rewards near the point of sale may also help. People like feeling rewarded, so be clear about the incentives you’re offering when asking for their information and entering it in your point of sale software.

    A good example comes from the wineries in Napa Valley, Calif. These retailers are very good at building brand loyalty and making people feel good, one-on-one. They do that by getting to know what a person likes, and keeping track of their buying behavior and preferences using retail sales software. 

  • Mistake #3: Not revamping your physical retail location on a regular basis. When people go into a retail store and it looks the same as last time, they won’t spend much time browsing, because they don’t expect to find anything new. On the other hand, when the store has changed to a certain degree, people feel like something fresh is happening, and they take the time to look around. This improves your chances of making a sale and gathering customer information.

    Obviously, the essential layout should remain consistent; people need to know where to find what they’re looking for. But make sure to feature new, seasonal items at the entrance, and place new products on the end of aisles rather than in the middle of the shelf. Use your retail sales software to understand which products are selling the best and showcase them in your store.

Once you start gathering customer information with your software, the customer relationship management (CRM) system goes to work, managing and optimizing those relationships. If your CRM system tracks referrals, the software helps you identify other businesses and vendors to work with. 

So, if your business caters to tourism, for example, CRM helps with tracking referrals from hotels, tourist bureaus, limo companies and restaurants. From there, you’re able to reward people who send you business with their own trackable coupons. If you have one business that sends people to your retail store every day, give that business extra perks to incentivize them. 

In the end, the more you learn about customers and what they like, the more special you’re able to make them feel, encouraging repeat business. Retail sales software makes managing this information easier and makes your marketing more effective, because you’re able to see what’s working so you’re able to focus your efforts accordingly. 

Are you ready to learn more about how retail sales software could help your business? Contact ArcherPoint today!