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AdWords Just Got Easier

Businessman with virtual screen for Digital Marketing

Keeping up with your AdWords account is hard work. Every time you have a new promotion, new product, or change in any of your existing content, your AdWords account needs to be updated. That is until now.

Google has just announced automated extensions for shopping ads (PLAs). With this update, Google will be removing promotional text. Instead, it will automatically show free shipping and price drop information alongside your ads. If you’re already using promotional text, there is no need to do anything because the change will automatically take place.

The new extensions are displayed alongside your shopping ads—and the best part is, there is no more work or additional cost because Google uses information you’ve already provided in your Merchant Center and data feed.

So why the switch? Google decided to make the switch because it has seen that retailers are getting higher click-through rates while consumers are having a more positive experience with the ads. The biggest win, though, comes to you, because you won’t have any additional work to do. Score!

Display of Google's automated extension for shopping ads

Other shopping extensions include merchant promotions to share discounts and promo codes, product ratings to display star ratings and links to customer reviews, and trusted stores certification to show your trustworthiness from Google as a retailer.

These extensions especially come in handy because it’s time to gear up for holiday season. What should you do to prepare? Take a look at your ads from last year and see what worked well and how you can tweak those ads to work with your products for this year. Next see if you can incorporate shopping extensions that do require some work, to help make your ads stand out compared to your customers. Furthermore, make sure your merchant center is up to date so that when Google is using automated extensions they are pulling the correct information.

We’re always willing to help discuss your retail needs, reach out to our ArcherPoint for Retail team.