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6 Tips on Gathering Customer Data without Being Intrusive

Cashier gathering customer data

The name of the game in today’s retail market is gathering customer data. If you don’t get an email address or sign-up information for a customer loyalty program, you are leaving money and potential business on the table. With today’s technology, most retailers have an online store presence, which can reach new and returning customers anywhere and at any time of the day. If you are unable to reach those customers, then the chance of them becoming returning customers is slim.

When shopping at a retail store, and the cashier asks for an email address, most people's first inclination is, absolutely not! They start thinking, why would I do that? What’s in it for me? There is also the fear that they would be bombarded with emails every day about specials, promotions, and sales, which is the last thing they want!

However, with a planned approach, retailers can present a case to answer the customers' questions and calm their fears, without them ever asking.

  • Use Signage – Place signs around the store or at the checkout with specific information about your loyalty program, such as how and how often you will communicate. This can help calm the customer’s nerves. Often, customers are anxious about signing up due to the amount of email promotions they already receive in their inbox daily, so an explanation of your program can clear that up.
  • Offer a Value Proposition – Provide information to the customer on how signing up will benefit them. Value propositions really resonate with people. If by signing up, the customer will get a discount on their current or future purchases, tell them.
  • Be Friendly – Having a friendly cashier that presents the offer with a smile – and tells the customer that they’ll only receive OCCASSIONAL emails and actually follow through! – will go a long way.  
  • Keep it Simple – Don’t ask for too much information. People don’t want to have to give out their email, phone number, and address. Pick one form of communication that will be the most valuable to the customer and retailer and ask for the supporting information.
  • Keep it Private – Customers shouldn't have to say their email or phone number out loud so that everyone in the store can hear it. A customer display that allows the customer to type in information keeps the process private. It will also be much faster, because the cashier and customer won’t have to repeat themselves and errors will be reduced. Also, assure your customers that their information will not be shared.
  • BONUS: Be Green – Many consumers today are environmentally conscientious, so jump on the bandwagon and save paper! Provide your customers with an option to receive their receipts by email.

As a retailer, do you have other non-intrusive ways you gather customer data? Let us know by leaving a comment.  If you’re looking to integrate your Point-of-Sale, E-commerce, and ERP systems, talk to ArcherPoint – the retail advisor. For more relevant information on retail management software solutions, read the ArcherPoint team member’s blogs.