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4 Ways Retail Management Software Improves Your Social Media Reach

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Social media is reshaping the retail landscape. With the help of retail management software, businesses are able to cultivate sales leads, boost brand recognition and improve customer service from Facebook “likes,” Foursquare check-ins and other social media data. 

Think about it: Millions of social media users frequently post their likes, dislikes, interests, plans, milestones, advice and support. Retailers use social media to interact with customers, announce new products and promote sales. With all of that going on, it’s easy to see why retail management software is a must-have for effectively managing communication and data between brands and customers. 

For example, a retail software solution that’s integrated with Facebook is able to compile growth and demographic data of Facebook fans. The data helps retailers to better understand customer history and trends, enabling you to effectively manage campaigns on the social media platform. 

Here are four other ways for apparel retailers to maximize their social media channels and move their business forward. 

  1. Invest in a social media monitoring tools: It’s common — and necessary — for a brand to have several social media accounts. Many people have accounts across multiple social media platforms. So, as a retailer, you should also have accounts on a variety of social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) to connect with customers.

    That’s what makes social media monitoring tools and websites so important. They link all of your social media accounts on one dashboard. So, in one glance and in real time, you’re able to see your social media mentions, check-ins, hashtags and customer comments. Also, you’re able to reply to tweets and comments all on the same dashboard. There’s no need to log into each account individually.

    Keep in mind that these monitoring tools and websites vary with the type of data they’re able to track or capture. Some offer various levels of integration with retail management software. Other tools specialize in specific tasks, such as analyzing the content of social media conversations from your most engaged consumers.

    The right social media monitoring tool depends on your social media strategy. This is vital to gleaning business intelligence that helps you achieve your business goals. 

  2. Build your brand in a cost-effective way: Social media is a great way to build brand recognition without a high cost. With the help of social media monitoring tools, you have the power to stay on track with frequent posts and provide timely responses to customers’ comments or questions. 

    On Facebook, for example, it’s often necessary to post five or six times per day. Many Facebook users log in several times throughout the day. The more often your Facebook page status shows up on users’ news feeds, the more likely those fans are going to click or share your content, thus increasing your brand recognition.  

  3. Use it as an extension of your customer service: Let’s face it — customers like to vent on social media. That means customers use your social media page to complain about (or compliment) your brand. This gives you an opportunity to proactively address or respond to comments and concerns. Social media is great for staying on top of customer service needs and also for monitoring your industry as a whole. 
  4. Use geo-fencing technology: Geo-fencing is an emerging technology that enables marketers to send mobile notifications to smartphones within a specific location. This technology is expanding to social media. You should use geo-fencing technology to gather social media mentions within a specific location. Also, consider sending promotions, ads or special event notices to target audiences in a specific location.

These tips represent just a handful of ways for you to maximize your social media channels. Remember, social media is more than a marketing platform; it’s also a way for retailers to build a brand, extend their customer service and cater to their target audience.

Learn how to improve your social media reach by scheduling your free no-obligation demo of ArcherPoint’s retail management solution. 

Author: Ryan Grant, Consultant at ArcherPoint