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3 Ways Mobile Search Can Boost Your Mobile Commerce Efforts

Woman using mobile phone - Using mobile search to boost mobile commerce

Retailers have made strides in boosting mobile commerce capabilities, developing apps, enhancing mobile payments and optimizing their mobile websites. But mobile search is another essential feature that companies should include in their mobile efforts.

A blog post on rounds up recent research on mobile search to reveal a changing mobile commerce landscape. According to industry research, 25 to 30 percent of online searches will originate from mobile devices by year’s end; half of all consumers start a web search on a mobile device; 46 percent research products exclusively with their mobile device; and in the second quarter this year, 26 percent of organic searches and 28 percent of paid link clicks came from mobile devices. On top of these figures, the research found that retail websites that are not mobile friendly will soon get penalized by Google’s search algorithms.

It indeed is a mobile world. Retailers will benefit greatly by having mobile apps and mobile-optimized websites that consumers can use on their smartphones while in the store. Then, once they’re using that app, retailers should have the ability to send them offers based on what they’re searching for.

As more research highlights the growth of mobile search, offers a handful of ideas to incorporate the mobile search movement into your mobile commerce strategy.

  1. Boost your mobile technology with search engine optimization based on a user’s location and device: It’s becoming increasingly important to know a person’s location; this gives the retailer the ability to tailor the search results to optimize time and place. For example, if a retailer were to know that a consumer was around the corner, they could push an offer to them via their mobile device. From a retail marketing standpoint, search engine optimization is vital.

  2. Invest in mobile search capabilities: Retailers are allocating about 7 percent of their search marketing budget to developing mobile search on smartphones, the blog post says. Evaluate whether your marketing budget is investing in the upcoming trends that will build up your mobile commerce capacity.

  3. Tap into mobile’s potential: Mobile technology is capable of enhancing more than just your marketing efforts. Integrate mobile technology into other areas of your business to boost productivity and increase revenue.

Source:, July 2013