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3 Omni-Channel Strategies For Transforming Brick-And-Mortar Stores

Woman shopping for fashions

The growing use of digital technology has fueled consumers’ expectation that retailers integrate omni-channel features in all their storefronts.

That’s why brick-and-mortar stores must transform their businesses now for what’s beyond the retail horizon, according to an article on the Chain Store Age website. Retailers can start with these three key strategies in preparing for an omni-channel retail landscape.

  1. Convert digital browsers into in-store buyers: Showrooming — when shoppers check a product in-store, but purchase it online — is here to stay. Retailers must realize it is how customers want to do business. As a result, they need to take steps to keep revenue in their own pocket instead of someone else’s. That’s why it’s best to take an omni-channel approach and blur the lines between your brick-and-mortar store and your e-commerce website.
  2. Offer in-store pickup: Integrating an omni-channel feature like in-store pickup for online orders is a growing trend, but retailers must carefully outline a plan to offer order fulfillment from stores. Specifically, there needs to be plan to ensure that when an order is placed on the e-commerce site, the product is removed from the shelves so that another customer doesn’t buy it. Retailers might need to re-examine inventory planning, such as having only a few of each product on the shelves for display, with the remainder stored in a back room.
  3. Go “dark” with some stores: “Dark stores” are underperforming stores that are strategically repurposed to fulfill same-day or next-day store pickup for online orders. One of the main reasons retailers want people in the store is so they can browse and look at other items. In that sense, the “dark store” concept could work with its primary presence being a distribution point, but also serving to attract people to visit the store and purchase other products, therefore increasing sales.

Digital technology has empowered consumers to shop on multiple mediums, and these three tips can kick off the omni-channel transformation needed to compete in an ever-changing retail landscape.

Source: Chain Store Age, September 2013