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Does Your Retail Sales Software Meet Customer Expectations?

Offering customers online access to real-time store inventory sounds reasonable, but it’s a major technology challenge for retailers. Ideally, your retail sales software tools should function as an end-to-end solution. An integrated system closes technology gaps, making it easier to generate business insights and meet customer expectations.

Are Infrequent Shoppers More Loyal? Ask Your Retail Sales Software

When you want to reward your most frequent shoppers and loyal customers, you may be talking about two very different groups. Just ask your retail sales software. A good loyalty program has many facets — it’s not all about dollars and cents. Building these relationships requires understanding, a personal touch and a solid data foundation.

5 Ways For Mid-Market Retailers To Get More Out Of Their Social Media Initiatives

Social media is a great tool for mid-market retailers, especially when it comes to sales promotions and building customer loyalty. To get more from your social media initiatives, make sure to track these campaigns within your retail software solution. Here are five tips for engaging your audience and motivating them to buy.

Why Social Listening Matters To Retailers (And Their Customers)

Retailers that don’t have some kind of social listening strategy are missing out on positive and negative messages from customers, along with opportunities to join the conversation on social media. Monitoring and responding to what your customers say online helps engage customers, guide business decisions and protect your store’s reputation.


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