Recorded webinars

Navigating the Complex World of PCI Compliance - Tips for Multi-Channel Retailers

Whether your business accepts credit card payments via call center, mail order, e-commerce, or in person at the point-of-sale, PCI compliance is a key concern. This session will give you a checklist of what is involved in achieving and maintaining compliance. We will also discuss the risks and potential costs of not being compliant, the benefits of compliance, and the best options for multi-channel retailers. Discussion items include: Tokenization, technologies to put your business “out of PCI scope”, security vulnerabilities and more.

Thrive in 2013 with Innovative eCommerce Strategies

For retailers of all sizes, it’s a daily battle to survive in a fiercely competitive market. If you’re not satisfied with just surviving—if you are looking for ways to thrive in 2013—eCommerce can get you there, and we can help. In just 30 minutes, you can gain insight into critical considerations when developing an eCommerce strategy:

  • How to avoid channel conflicts
  • Tips for creating a true omni-channel strategy
  • How to use social media to attract customers and keep them loyal